6 Ways to make in-play betting work for you

In-play betting is now a well established and popular way of placing bets.

Nothing quite lives up to the thrill of matchday, especially when the odds are looking good and a bet or two is placed. 

For those still not fully aware of in-play betting then allow me to explain how this market can be used to find value odds that can turn a stake into a profit. A win is never guaranteed however with some prior thought, in-play betting can work for you.

I’ve been through the main factors that every punter should consider when choosing from in-play betting markets on match day.

In-play betting – Slow and steady wins the race

  • Bet with knowledge

It probably goes without saying nevertheless to get the most out of your bets I really advocate betting on what you are familiar with. Yes, we’ve all had a stab in the dark on a random market, however knowing the teams and players will go a long way to being the judge of the markets.

Having some interest in the stats or following the sports news will guide you to what the line ups are likely to be or what form teams have been experiencing. 

  • Check the stats – but don’t just rely on them.

Stats and data about football are great. There’s everything you could possibly imagine from goals to red and yellow cards, corners to possession and much more.

Although this data is useful, the in-play bet shouldn’t just be placed on the basis of what a stat says. There are many other factors that can affect an outcome which won’t be highlighted by the data. Try to use stats alongside knowledge to back up and create your strategy.

  • Don’t get carried away in the emotion

I’ve fallen into the trap of getting over-excited about the game. End to end football can be hair raising and emotions can run high. Try not to get caught in the trap of chasing your losses. 

In-play markets change frequently through the course of the match and so odds. Try to keep a level head and stick to what you know.

Don’t rush your bets, stay focussed, bet responsibly

  • Bet early on the underdog

With knowledge and judgment work out for yourself how likely the underdog is going to win the match.

As an example and with careful consideration you could bet on Norwich to beat Liverpool at 6/4. If markets allow you could also place a bet on Liverpool to win at 1/2 to cover any potential losses. 

Obviously the returns will be less if Liverpool win however there is still a potential profit to be made. 

image of a person watching live betting

  • Consider laying your bets

A great feature of betting is being able to lay. This simply means betting against something happening.

Not all bookmakers offer lay markets, nevertheless, I really find this market very appealing. There can be some incredible value and can cover any potential losses if judged correctly.

  • Plan ahead – Understand how in-play odds change

As I’ve earlier alluded to, betting live can be fast and furious. If you’re not fully prepared or consciously aware of what you’re doing, you can find yourself placing quick bets that perhaps you normally wouldn’t.

My advice, especially if you’re new to this way of betting, is to plan ahead. Pick a match, perhaps one that you’re able to watch live. 

Choose a fixture that you have knowledge about, especially the players and form. As the match takes place, follow the markets and judge for yourself how they operate. You’ll quickly get a grasp of fluctuations, all designed to entice you into placing that in-play bet.

Once you’re familiar with the system, try it for yourself. To remain responsible keep the stakes low and within your means. Follow the markets, look for the value and don’t get drawn into betting emotionally.

Thanks for reading my latest post. If you’ve never had a go at in-play it’s well worth a look. Check out my list of best football betting sites for further information.

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