How to turn losing accas into free bets with ease.

How many times have you created what you thought was the winning acca only for one of the selections to let you down?

It’s very easy to choose multiple lines on an accumulator bet. The stats back up the selections or the favourites look to be in good form. We’ve all done it. 

It’s all too easy when betting this way. The returns can cloud our judgment. But what if I told you there’s a way to be a winner, even if the accumulator folds. 

ACCA insurance earn free bets for losing accumulators

You may or may not have come across this term? ACCA insurance sounds very much like some sort of policy you’d take out when buying a car. 

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If you’re the kind of football punter that likes their weekly accumulator then be sure to read on and understand how you can cover your liability.

We’ve all done it and some people make a habit out of it. I’m talking about making several selections on an ACCA bet. The classic twelvefold, with dreams of a new car or deposit on a house.

The reason why the returns are so high is that the bookmakers know the likelihood of that many selections being successful is extremely rare. Yes, it happens, but so do people winning the lottery. It simply doesn’t happen that often.

The best advice I can offer when placing an acca, is bet within your means, whilst keeping it simple. I like the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid.

What is this type of betting insurance?

Most if not all respectable bookmakers offer their customers insurance for their losing accumulators. In simple terms this means should one leg (selection) within the ACCA fail to win, then all is not lost.

Normally what happens is, the bookmaker will refund the stake as a free bet up to a certain monetary value. 

The number of selections required to qualify for insurance can vary, depending on which sportsbook is being used. Some offer a minimum of fivefold acca’s, whilst others require at least four-fold accumulators.

Once the bet is placed the insurance comes into play. If just one of the selections doesn’t win, then the stake will be refunded into the betting account as a free bet. With a limit on the amount refunded.

If you place just a double or treble or even a four-fold when your bookmaker requires a fivefold, the insurance will not be applied and the bet will be lost.

Be sure to check the minimum odds and markets

Insurance will normally be available on acca’s with minimum odds; usually around 2.0 or greater. Your bookmaker will be specific on the markets as well, so if you’re looking to cover your potential losses, make sure your bet is allowed.

The free bet refund will also carry terms and conditions. They too will most likely have a minimum odd requirement and only apply to certain sports markets. You will not be able to withdraw the free bet and they will most certainly not be applied to any winnings.

To sum up

I’m a great lover of ACCA insurance. Covering bets and potential losses is a sensible and enjoyable way of having a punt. It’s very easy to apply the insurance and claim the free bet. I am a huge advocate of betting only what can be afforded to lose. The best betting sites all have acca insurance as a way to bet, you can check out my list of these sites.


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