Why not all online bookmakers are created equal

For new customers, scouring the web for trusted online bookmakers to use, you could be forgiven of thinking that they all look the same and provide very similar features.

For the experienced punters amongst us, betting sites and apps are quite different from one another.

With regards to football and all sports for that matter, the various bookmakers available understandably follow the fixtures available and so from this perspective they are the same. Nevertheless from this point on they all need to be different.

Online bookmakers are vying for your custom. They need to be different to attract new punters to them. It would be no use if they all offered the same service and products, especially the newer companies to the industry.

What makes online bookmakers different from each other?


To stand out from an extremely busy crowd, sportsbooks will offer varying odds on the sporting markets available to bet on.

Some will offer very competitive prices that will reward larger potential winnings. Whilst others will simply have more odds available; a wider range of ways to bet. Which leads me on nicely to another bookmaker variable. 

image of online bookmakers used for football


Each individual way of betting is known as the market. With football betting, there are literally hundreds of different ways to bet. Punters will find markets on goal scoring, corners, winners, losers, over/under plus many more.

Not all online bookmakers offer the same markets and indeed some offer way more ways to bet than others. Couple this with higher and lower odds and it quickly becomes apparent which sportsbooks are likely to be more appealing.

There are also varying ways to place bets such as live betting and cashing out. These popular forms of being in control of where the bets are placed and what winnings are claimed early are not available across every bookmaker.

Bookmaker tactics to entice you in!


Another tactic deployed by internet gambling sites is when customers have the option of using promotions. These offers come in many forms and can be a great way to place bets for free.

Some of the most popular promotions on football are given on accumulator bets. This can be in the form of money back if the bet loses. Another option is when players score hat tricks, the price can increase resulting in more winnings. Online bookmakers also offer price boost incentives. These increase the odds, shortly before a football match; enticing you to place that bet.

Betting offers vary depending on which sportsbook is being used. If offers and promotions are important to you, why not check out other betting sites.


I’m a football fan, who likes to have a wager on my favourite sport. Bookmakers don’t only offer one sport to bet on. Instead, customers will find any number of varied sports. There are some very random and less known sports from around the world however if your a fan then choose a sportsbook to suit your needs. 

Sportsbooks don’t just stop there. Customers will find casino and bingo products should they desire it.


Many customers will find themselves an online bookmaker to use and be completely satisfied with it. People tend to be loyal to certain brands they are familiar with. Nevertheless, for customers who want to experience more options with their bets it may well be worth checking out what else is available. Have a look at my list of best football betting sites and see how your sportsbook compares.

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