Betting points system explained

So I was sat on Twitter one day when one of the guys I followed was going on about 2 points on this and 3 points on that and I had no clue what they were on about. So I took a look into it and wrote this blog to help if you’re in the same situation?

How do betting points systems work?

The simplest explanation is that the points (occasionally referred to as “pts”) is an amount of the total bank they are using for the bet. You really need to get to know the tipster to work out if a 5 points bet is a big one or not as it varies a lot.

I’ve found points are often used so it’s not seen as encouraging you to bet a certain amount. Is seems like 2 points is a lot less than saying to people “put £20 on this tip”. Then you can judge how much you put on and not bet at other peoples levels.

Bank roll management using betting points

Managing your bank this way is a sensible way to manage your betting funds and it’s a way I often look at it myself. If you’ve got an amount to bet don’t just throw it all on the first bet you have – think about what percentage of that amount you’d like to put on? This makes it easier than losing all your cash and then depositing more – which no one wants to do.

Betting points are really as simple as that – just a way of managing your money. My advice is to remember to get to know the tipster as a 5 point bet for one maybe a big stake where as a 5 point bet for another maybe a small stake.

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