What are bookings points in football betting?

I was looking through the markets ahead of a recent Manchester United v Liverpool game and wanted to have a bet on some bookies – it’s usually a feisty match. I was thinking of having a bet on there being 4 or more yellow cards in the match when I came across the “bookings points” market which caught my eye. You can see our guide to the top-rated football betting sites here.

I had more of a read about it and ended up placing a bet on it. Here’s my guide on how football bookings points work –

How bookings points work

  • Yellow card = 10 points
  • Red card = 25 points
  • Second yellow, then red = 10 points for the first yellow and 25 for the red (you don’t get an additional 10 for the second yellow)

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The bets are grouped into sections, usually like this

  1. Under 25 points (no more than 2 bookings and no sending offs)
  2. Under 35 points (no more than 2 bookings or just 1 straight red card)
  3. 25-45 points band
  4. 35-55 points band
  5. 50+ points
  6. 6-+ points

Different bookies set at different amounts so it’s worth checking out other bookies if you can’t find the amount you want.

Bookings point example

I’ve picked Chelsea v Burnley for my example as there was a couple of reds and a few yellows in the game. Here’s how the stats for the game looked (from whoscored.com)

Bookings point example

Here’s how the game went for bookings points

  • 2 – Alonso booked – 10 points
  • 13 – Cahill sent off – 25 points
  • 15 – Fabregas booked – 10 points
  • 60 – Brady booked – 10 points
  • 62 – Mee booked – 10 points
  • 76 – Arfield booked – 10 points
  • 77 – Luiz booked – 10 points
  • 80 – Fabregas second booking and a red card – 25 points
  • 88 – Rudiger booked – 10 points

In this game there were a massive 120 bookings points – this is one of the highest games of the season. It’s rare to be so high, this is just an example to show how they can amount up to and how the second yellow/ red works in the bookings point betting markets.

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