There are many ways in which you can bet on football. There’s the obvious betting markets like betting on the winner or betting on which player will score. There are also many other special types of football bet. These are are often referred to as an alternative football betting market.

One such alternative way of betting on football is called Draw No Bet. It is a very popular way of adding a little more security to your bet in return for a slight reduction in the odds given to you. We have gone through the market to give you our draw no bet explained complete guide.

Draw No Bet Explained – Our Guide;

So what is draw no bet. This simply means that you place a bet on a football match and if the game ends in a draw your staked amount is returned to you.

For example you place a bet on the following fixture Man Utd v Man City. You put your stake on Man City to win – Draw No Bet.

If Man City win the game, you win the bet. If the game ends in a draw your stake is returned to you. If Man Utd win the game then you lost the bet and nothing is returned to you.

The draw no bet market is often overlooked as punters often favour the higher odds of a win-draw-win market. We think this is an oversight, because there are often games and fixtures where the odds can present real value.

The draw no bet market is a very nice and simple way of betting on football, with a decent way of protecting your bets.

The draw no bet market works well when creating an accumulator, making several choices can increase your potential winnings. We also like this type of bet with bookies that offer cash out. Especially if the bet looks to swinging away from your control.

Draw no bet odds v match out right

Obviously as you get your stake back if its a draw then the odds are always lower than “to win market. Here’s an example of the odds from Liverpool v Manchester United –

Match out right


Draw no bet odds


There are other alternatives and ways of looking at the Draw no bet market. This includes Lay the draw. This simply means that you’re betting against the match ending in a draw, rather than picking an actual winner. Of course this method doesn’t return any stake come the final whistle.

There is also the double chance chance bet. Double chance means exactly that you get two chances when betting on a particular fixture. For example you can bet on either the home team to win or the away team to win. Or even either team to win or a draw. The differences with this type of bet compared to draw no bet are very clear. You will more than likely see higher odds with double chance however unlike draw no bet if the bet is unsuccessful the bet is lost. With draw no bet you can get the bet voided which we think is betting safer.

Draw stats

The more information available the more the knowledgeable the punter. Below is list of the top European leagues and the percentage draw stats;

Premier League 26.3%

Championship 26.04%

Bundesliga 23.3%

La Liga 26.3%

Ligue 1 23.3%

Thats our draw no bet explained guide. Make sure you check out our draw no bet tips.

Draw no bet v Double chance

We acknowledge there are strong and striking similarities involved with certain types of bets and the draw no bet v double chance football betting markets need to be looked at more closely.


Firstly lets take a look at what is involved with both markets;

Draw No Bet

In simple terms this means that you place a bet on a team within a fixture through the draw no bet coupon and if the game ends in a draw the bet becomes void and the stake returned.

Double Chance

This market allows you to place a bet through the Double Chance coupon. You can bet on two outcomes of a match. Either the home side and a draw or the away side and a draw. If the other team wins then the bet is lost.

So the main difference here is that using the draw no bet market gives the punter a little more control or insurance and in return they can expect to have lower odds on the fixture. The insurance is of course the stake being returned should the game end in a draw.

With the double chance bet there is slightly more risk involved and certainly no insurance with a return of stake however a football match can end in 3 ways home draw or away. To be able to bet on 2 of these outcomes means a higher chance of the bet winning.

Of course with the double chance market the odds are higher than draw no bet but lower than the traditional win-draw-win markets. Its up to the punter to see where the value lies and odds available on the fixture at the time.

As you can probably imagine were advocates of the draw no bet market. Betting in a disciplined and defensive manner means we will not just automatically lose our stake should the bet not go our way. The Draw no bet v double chance markets are always disputed but at the end of the day the choice is up to you the punter.