Own goals in football betting

I recently had a bet on the first goal scorer in a match and sat back and watched the game. Unexpectedly the first goal was an og – sliced clearance into his own net and I though that was it my bet was lost – but that is not the case. So I looked into it a little more to find out why!

When the first gaol is an OG then the bet simply rolls over to the next scorer. Basically own goals do not count in first goal scorer bets. This is also the case for score cast bets with most bookies.

General first goal scorer rules

(check with your chosen bookie if you have an issue – this is just a guide to the standard rules)

  • Own goals do not count in first or last goal scorer bets
  • If a match finishes with only own goals scored then they take out the first goal scorer part of the bet and settle it as a correct score single.
  • Bets are void if the player doesn’t play any part in the game, or is subbed on once the first goal has gone in.