Win to Nil explained

The win to nil market is a great betting option if you’re an avid follower of the Stats. Obviously to be able to bet on this market you need an account with a bookmaker. We love Bet Victor. Not only are they one of the UK’s biggest bookies but they also have a comprehensive football betting market.


By judging each team, player, tactics and fixtures you can bet on the win to nil betting option and see some good returns on your outlay. Win to Nil is the same as win and BTTS no, but you seem to get better odds as its less sexy than win and BTTS which is a more popular bet but very tricky to pick in our opinion.

Win to nil guide


So what exactly is win to nil? This type of bet means that you can choose the fixtures where you think there will be 2 outcomes. These outcomes are;

  • One of the teams will definitely score.
  • One of the teams will fail to score.

So as an example let’s take the fixture Liverpool Manchester United.

If you bet on Liverpool to win to nil this means that they can and must score any number of goals and Man Utd must finish the game with 0 goals.

If Man Utd score one or more goals as well as Liverpool then the bet is lost.The win to nil football betting market is great for stats enthusiasts.

Take into account which teams are Mis firing in front of goal, or which strikers are injured or in a rich vein of form.The Win to Nil bet is offered by most bookmakers. The reasons why you might choose one bookie over another vary from what their platform is like to what offers are available. It’s worth knowing you can bet with more than one bookmaker so it’s worth checking where the best odds are available before placing your bets.

Win to nil is a great no nonsense, simple bet. It’s easy to follow and understand and you can make some great profits.

Make sure you check out our regular win to nil tips.

Win to nil betting tips offer

Things to look for when picking win to nil bets

Don’t fancy our tips? then check out these pointers for picking winning win to nil bets

  • Look for teams with a good defence! There’s no specific stats site with win to nil stats but we like to use the BTTS data from this site ( and find the teams with a low % off BTTS. Then combine the teams they are playing against and pick our top treble to post on our tips.
  • Don’t just throw in the obvious for the sake of it! Its easy to look at the games and stick in Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich etc all to win without conceding but generally there’s not much value in them. Hunting around the stats takes time and some getting used to but will pay dividends in the long run.

Win to nil alternatives

The win to nil market might not be one that first springs to mind when wanting to have a bet on football.

On the face of it betting on one particular team to score and one failing to score seems quite an easy thing to predict. If you need a hand with this check out our Win to nil tips.

The win to nil football betting market can often produce some attractive odds and therefore some high profits can be gained.

So we know what win to nil is as a stand alone market, however if this type of bet interests you then you might like to know what other similar goal type bets are available.

Win to Nil alternatives – Both Teams To Score – NO

The BTTS no market is very similar to the win to nil market. The both teams to score no option however gives a better chance of success because you’re not including the win part of the bet. Therefore the fixture can end 0-0 and the bet will still win.

Win to Nil alternatives – Correct score

Another win to nil market alternative is the correct score option. This of course is extremely difficult to predict so filling your bet slip to make a huge accumulator isn’t advisable. The correct score bet though can offer some huge odds and therefore huge profits. Perhaps keeping your picks to a minimum and study the teams, players and form guide will help you out with this market.

Win to Nil alternatives – Match under 1.5 goals

Another possible option for choosing a different bet that is like the win to nil market is the under 1.5 goals.

This is similar because you’re betting on the fixture to have less than 1.5 goals. This means the game can finish 0-0 or 1-0 to any side. Again if you’re savvy with your betting and choose the right bookie, you can find some great returns on your bets.

There are some really good win to nil market alternatives offered. All are similar but have slight differences which might suit your betting.

Don’t miss our win to nil tips and the best of luck with your football bets.