I’m a big fan of the #Value of betting on draws in football, with odds usually at 2/1 or above its a good strategy on singles. You can also roll them into an accumulator with 4 draws paying around 80/1 up to 100/1. I’m not looking for long odds draws here, just teams that regularly draw based on recent game stats.

Football draw tips – 2nd March

Here are my current selections for the Premier League

Game 1 – Spurs v Arsenal 27/10

Game 2 – Burnley v Palace 23/10

Thats my 2 tips for this weekend, lets hope for some dull draws! I’d happily take 0-0s in both.

Disclaimer – These tips are from my personal view of stats and I am not implying that they will all win. You back these at your own risk and as the saying goes – Do not bet more than you can afford to lose. I make no guarantees around the profitability of these bets and some weekends all 4 will lose, other weekends some will win. Pick your stakes accordingly and I never advise “lumping on” or “max bet” or any off that nonsense.

Best place to bet on draws

If you’re following on singles then get on the Exchange on Betfair – you’ll usually find the best odds there and some cash out options too. You can lay your bets off to cover the stake if its close to full time or close the bet out completely. If you are looking to place a  double or greater then check out our guide to the best sites for football betting.

If you get in early there’s also the chance of getting matched at a higher price than the market is offering. You can always change the odds on Betfair to what you’re looking for, here’s an example below.

Backing the draw on Betfair

This is something I try and do for every single bet I have. Although it seems a small % increase in the return it all adds up and as long as you get in early enough.

Firstly find the match you want to bet on and make sure you are on the Exchange site or the specific exchange app. I’m doing this on Monday for a Champions League game on Wednesday, hopefully it will get matched. Here’s how the market looks

Backing our football draw tips on Betfair

To back the draw you click, or tap, the blue box along side the draw for odds of 3.9. If you don’t want the extra odds or there is a lot of money showing then you can just place the bet at those odds. What we’re looking to do in this example is back the draw at slightly higher odds.

Once the bet is in our bet slip we can then change the odds to the lay odds (pink) which gets us a slightly better return – 3.95 instead of 3.9.

Change the odds to get better returns

When you press place bets it then shows as “unmatched” and you just have to leave it and wait. In this example I logged back into my Betfair account on Tuesday morning to find it matched at the higher price and the draw back odds have moved to 3.85. The market now looks like this –

Bet placed on Betfair for the draw

This shows if its a draw I’ll win £5.90 after commission or lose £2 if its not.

As I’ve mentioned this is all above getting a little move value on each bet and requires a little bit of planning and a little patience.